We regret to announce that Nexbeat will be turning off its servers at the end of the month. Our final day will be February 28, 2019. If you have anything you have posted to a room that you would like to keep, we recommend you download it directly from the site before then. We hope you enjoyed Nextbeat and have a nice day!

What is Nextbeat?

Nextbeat lets you hang out with your favorite Youtubers and streamers in real time. Each Nextbeat room is a shared space where creators can interact with their community — you can ask questions and make requests in the chat (which creators can answer with punchy video replies), or just hang out with superfans like you!

Why Nextbeat?

Candid content.
Nextbeat lets you ride shotgun alongside your favorite content creators in real-time.
Find friends.
In between video drops, you can ask questions, make requests, and mingle with a community of superfans like you.
Just the highlights.
Experience the intimacy and easy, unfiltered attitude of a livestream, without all the dead air.
Stay in the moment.
Even if you join in late, the easily navigable Activity feed makes catching up a snap, so you never have to worry about getting left behind.

Are you a content creator?

We'd love to walk you through what Nextbeat can do for you! What kind of video content do you create?