• xandra135:26 am
    do links show up on here
  • like if i entered a link would you be able to click on it and see
  • lizmacdougall5:28 am
    no we'd just have to copy and paste
  • xandra135:29 am
  • i really want to get something like this, it's a california poppy
  • tylerlwilliams5:38 am
  • lizmacdougall5:39 am
    omg that is beautiful
  • macobba5:44 am
    Goodnight Guys! See you tomorrow!
  • lizmacdougall5:50 am
  • i just woke up on my laptop i don't know how long I've been asleep
  • i am hungry tho
  • a stranger just told me they have a 50 shades of grey bond with pastries and they hope that i open a bakery and make lemon meringue, their favorite
  • I've had enough internet for one day... goodnight kittens
  • tylerlwilliams5:58 am
    hehe night @lizmacdougall! thanks for hanging out :)
  • safiya6:12 am
    @lizmacdougall goodnight!
  • Meah027:28 am
    I'm back from the dentist and it all went well.
  • Guess what the first thing was I did when I got back? CHECK NEXTBEAT
  • Olivia2:52 pm
  • safiya2:53 pm
    @Olivia hi Olivia!
  • Olivia2:54 pm
    What the clock at U? @safiya
  • Just wondering, guess it's really diffrent over here
  • safiya2:57 pm
    @Olivia 7:58! am!
  • Olivia2:59 pm
    May i ask what the date is at U?
  • Just like weekday😂 @safiya
  • safiya3:00 pm
  • Kendall_grace3:31 pm
    Safiya I love h so much you are like my astetic. When are u going to crumbs and whiskers again?
  • Olivia3:31 pm
    Oh okay, that why I'm not always like get when you say, I'll chat again tomorrow and stuff😂 it's Friday here as well, but it's like almost 18 so
  • Oh, you don't have the 24 hour clock, it's like almost 6 pm @safiya
  • safiya3:34 pm
    @Kendall_grace hi Kendall!! we loved it there so as soon as we can :)
  • @Olivia omg lucky ur already in the weekend!
  • Olivia4:04 pm
    Yeah, haha @safiya
  • U know, I chattet with Tyler , and he Said that he would like to go to dk AS Well, so what are you waiting for😉❤️ @safiya
  • Jotananna4:07 pm
    Hahaha watching vid number 30 rn and @Picklequestions that vid is hilarious! I love it!
  • safiya7:25 pm
    @Olivia we will when we have enough time to take off work :)
  • everyone should go vote on my twitter poll and tell me whether or not to get love bite lol
  • AtomicNatalie9:20 pm
    Hey hey hey!
  • safiya9:59 pm
  • keesha10:37 pm
    get love bite
  • nextbot1:06 am
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  • Sophieeeee1:20 am
    Wassup bestie @AtomicNatalie